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About the
Photographer Designer

Miglė Čeponytė

Born and raised in Lithuania
Lives in Braintree, England


It’s so lovely to connect with you. I am Mig, owner and photographer designer at MigCPhotography.

I have always loved flowers and trips to the seaside made me feel so relaxed. There is nothing better than the feeling of sand between your toes and a refreshing ocean breeze to clear your mind. Uh, and the sunsets! Each time so different and breathtaking. So, at first, it was just a hobby. When I decided to pursue photography a few years later, everything took its place: I got a better camera, I studied about the equipment and techniques, I practiced my skills and learned a lot.

I offer:

·       Photographs taken at my home studio or over my trips around UK and Europe

·       Any occasion handmade personalised floral & landscape greeting cards

·       Wall, desk, magnetic calendars & planners

·       Positivity fridge magnets

·       Digital downloads​

·       Gift sets

·       Wedding invitations & save the date (work in progress)

​Everything is created with an exceptional love to the photography. My ability to visualise and combine a photograph with many other decorations makes my designs so unique and personal. Oh! I am a mad idealist. Every design starts in my head and ends on the table. I have good days when ideas come to my head no matter if it is a day or night and bad days where I have nothing in my mind.

Happy customers and their heartfelt gratitude is what keeps me motivated. My family inspires me every day by offering some of their suggestions, ideas and creations. Believe it or not they are also super talented and I would not be where I am now if it wasn’t for them.

I am actively practicing on my photography skills and searching up for ideas. Every single item means a lot to me. It has been a long way but it was worth it. I am extremely grateful to my family and close friends for the ongoing support. It's a part of who I am today.


Coffee - I can not imagine my day without a hot mug of coffee. It's a must and I enjoy every sip of it.

Cooking - I like to experiment with various recipes and add a taste of my own. My daughter says "you are the best cook that I know in the whole wide world!" I find it really encouraging to surprise them more often.

Family time - during the summer I cherish our trips to the seaside or traveling back home to Lithuania to see my family and friends. During the winter I absolutely can not imagine my cosy evening without a board game that bonds us together even closer.

TV series - I am a huge fan of my current tv series called The Bold Type. If you haven't seen it - watch it! It's an absolute masterpiece where women's friendship is above everything else. They inspire to be better, have faith and move on no matter what happens in life. I am also a big fan of Bones and The Castle - I love mysteries!

A photograph of Migle Ceponyte with a huge colourful bouquet of flowers.

That's me  - couldn't tell, right?

A photo of photographer designer Migle Ceponyte hugging her husband over sunset by the seaside.

Just a two of us

A beautiful and heartwarming photograph of Migle Ceponyte and her family sitting on a footbridge over the lake.
Smiling faces of Migle Ceponyte and her beloved and only sister.

My inspiration and loves of my life

My sister means the world to me

Life tool - my car to get me to the places that I need. I passed my driving tests just over a year ago and not being able to reach some of the most beautiful destinations just because I don't drive was a huge push to me to finally do it.

Beauty product - I can not live without my mascara and eyeliner! But after my daughter said "You look beautiful just the way you are" I usually stay make up free and started to feel uncomfortable when having it on.

Sleep - that's one thing I will never get enough! And morning snuggles with my loves of my life of course.

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