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My Challenge #stayhome

Updated: Jul 2, 2020

It’s no secret that due to #covid-19 we are all stuck at home most of the time. Despite the general tasks that we do at home and some of us working from home we have home schooling on the top of all that. How is it going? Are you still able to do all that you planned? Have you challenged yourself to learn something new or manage your time better?

I have to admit my time management has suffered a lot. Moods changing frequently. I started to explore my cooking abilities and feeling quite proud of myself. But there is one thing that bugs me. I need to get on top of my photo skills and dig into old/new photo folders so I could share some of my work again. That’s going to be my challenge!

I took this photo a year and a half ago - it is my absolute favourite. It was a short holiday trip to the seaside with my family at Sventoji, Lithuania. I can still remember the excitement when I got home and downloaded all photographs that I have taken over that evening. I was so curious to see if there were any good😆 I guess there were ...🙄

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