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My Travels 

This page is entirely dedicated to my exquisite travel photographs from trips in England and Europe. Most of my landscape photographs are then turned into handmade full year wall, desk, magnetic fridge calendars, personalised greeting cards, coasters.
So scroll down and dive in to the most beautiful places with me that I had been so far.

“Travel is the only thing you buy that makes you richer.” – Anonymous

Exploring Italy

To visit Italy and explore it's beauty was on my list for a while. I finally had that chance to do that in June of 2015. This was also a good opportunity for me as a photographer to show how beautiful this country is. The most amazing experience that I had there was the city Taranto, I was walking around all day long and (I could possibly be a guide by now) just simply exploring this beautiful city. I fell in love with the architecture, the history of the castle and had the most amazing breakfast at a local “Valentino caffé”. There is still so much to see and will always be more…

Magnificent Ireland

A friend of mine once told me about this fantastic festival in Glenbeigh that has been held there since 1925. I have always been interested in actually seeing the Horse Races and shows with my own eyes and be able to capture the best moments at a time of the event in the beach. It was an unforgettable experience for me, I will always carry the experience in my heart and I hope that I captured the essence in my photographs. The weather is a lot worse than London as it changes more often but the beauty of Ireland’s nature is breath taking.

Home Sweet Home



This is where I was born and grew up. The only regret that I might ever have is the unexplored places that I would still love to go to or the places that I have already been but wasn't able to capture and memorize… But it is never too late to come back and do it! Lithuania is one of the most beautiful countries and definitely worth seeing and exploring. It has it's own colourful history, architecture and the landscape is inspiring.

So Much To See



I lived in London the first 5-6 years of my life since I moved to UK. I have always been impressed of how beautiful and well looked after the parks are. The architecture is absolutely amazing and varied incorporating all styles through out history. Night London has always inspired and fascinated me since day one. I was also able to spend a couple of years in Surrey - it's a completely different world from what I was used to.

England itself has so much to offer and I am willing to explore it's natural beauty on my short trips around this incredible country.

Peaceful Latvia


I was in Latvia several times before but it was for my own pleasure and recovery this time. There is nothing better than just you and the beach ( I am not counting a very few people around) since it was in September 2016 when it is a little too cold for a swim and all kids went back to schools. It was shockingly quiet but a very nice short trip indeed.

I went to Melluži, a small resort town of Jūrmala, which is around 15 miles away from Riga. It was easy to reach as trains go from the capital to many other destinations along the seaside.


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